277 Fake Colleges! This Is Why We Offer Integrated Verification Projects

In Late July 2018, Satya Pal Singh, The Indian Minister Of State Human Resource Development Has Revealed The Existence Of At Least 277 Fake Engineering Colleges Offering Their Educational Services To Thousands Of Students Every Year In A -Supposedly- Bid To Meet The Increasing Job-Market Demand For Engineers Locally And Internationally Despite The Amount Of Notifications Of Violating The Rules Those ‘Colleges’ Are Constantly Receiving By The Indian Government.

It Is Believed That The Reason For The Failure Of Those Colleges To Obtain The Approval From The University Grants Commission (UGC) And India Council For Technical Education (AICTE), Which Are Entitled To Issue Collages’ Permits And Approvals, Is The Extreme Decline In The Quality Of Their Majors And Learning Approaches. They Haven’t Qualified Their Students To Work Locally Or Abroad As More Than 60% Of These College Graduates Are Still Unemployed.

While The Reason For The Increasing Number Of Pupils Studying In That Type Colleges Is Due To Those Annually Wishing To Study Engineering Outnumbering The Collages Licensed By The Government.

Have You Read The Number Well?

277 Colleges! Although Graduates Of Just One Fake College May Contribute To The Creation Of A Whole City With The Non-Standard Local Base, It Threatens The Safety And Security Of Countries That Bring In Those Unqualified Candidates.

The Good News Is That In Saudi Arabia, We Benefit From The Presence Of Our Reliable Engineering Body To Verify The Qualifications Of Its Registered Members Through Auditing The Educational Certificates And Experiences, In Addition To Conducting Examinations And Training Courses With The Companies That Specializes In This Field To Provide Such Screening Services.

In International Specialized Verification Services Company, Or ISVSC, We Offer You Integrated Verification Projects Either By Checking The Professional Documents Of Engineers And Other Professions Or Their Experiences To Ensure You That Your Candidates Have Proper, Quantifiable Educational Qualifications And Professional Experience. We Also Have A Security Check Project To Verify The Backgrounds Of Candidates And Their Identitary History Across Thousands Of Databases. We Also Offer Market Check, A Brand Protection Project For Brands Owners’ Interests, Check The Originality Of The Products And Hinder The Counterfeiters From Infringing On The Owners’ Rights Selling Or Promoting Those Products Within Traditional Markets Or E-Commerce Platforms.

We Are Here For Your Integrated Projects And Smart Decisions, And Above All, We Are Here For A Safe Homeland.

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