Make Smarter Decisions with Data Check and Security Check Services

Have you heard about the new committee that has been established under the Ministry of Health in one of GCC countries months ago to investigate the credentials of doctors with Bachelor, Master or Doctorate degrees?
The society was shocked and left in denial when the authorities unveiled The Counterfeit certificates scandal that went viral, showing how those fake doctors manipulated the whole nation. It’s not the crime what would frighten you the most in such cases as its predictable, nor the safety &security of the country, but the genuine fear for their lives in the first place.

Can you imagine that?

Unfortunately, there’s an equal chance of this crime to occur in any country around the world. We have had experienced similar cases a few years ago when the results of one of our official body’s examination resulted in revealing hundreds of Counterfeit certificates among thousands of those whose documents were under interrogation in 2012. let alone the other figures in the yearly statistics which intensify the need for the Data Check solution to avoid the oddly high percentage of incorrect decisions in the recruiting field.

The best part of Employment background screening ‘’Data Check’’ project is when it reveals the potential employees’ professional and educational history and more to the extent that you can verify if they have earned their qualifications and work experiences legally at that specific year or vice versa, which assists the employers with making smart decisions when it comes to their recruiting activities and eventually the national security. The verification of degrees earned will verify with colleges and the universities the person has earned his/her degrees from. Additionally, our intensive employment verification with the address history will reveal if the potential employee might be lying about his/her job’s history.

Data Check project is one of the International Specialized Verification Services Co. projects that entails verification of academic and professional qualifications certificates, including professional licenses through more than 21,000 issuing authorities across more than 120 countries and territories.

Such as Data Check can provide employers with background checks, employment history verification as well as verification of degrees conferred upon a potential new hire, the need to keep your company safe and your records clean, is crucial particularly if you’re leading your industry or aspiring to lead one.

Also, the need to invest in a comprehensive background check is more essential without distracting your HR department team from performing their main duties. Otherwise, you employ local specialists for that mission to help you hinder unqualified applicants from reaching your company’s doors.

Why you Need to Hire Screening Services for your Company
Our intensive background check will reveal if the potential new hire has any fake certificates, licenses or other unknown degrees, and experiences in the same field he/she is applying for.

The judgments lodged that might have been taken against them, is not included in this project as we’ve established a specific project entitled to the Security Check.

Our DataCheck project’s main aim is to help companies save time and make smart decisions by displaying background check qualities, making comparisons and providing you with unprecedented conclusions. Also, at ISVSC, we have our commitment to our customers to offer them background reports as easy to peruse and review as possible.

Although in the last few years, the improvement and the awareness have been getting more and more common; it’s unfortunate that some business owners rely on their own tools or efforts to eliminate what could involve international scammers as it’s easy to predict who is the bad apple or the Counterfeiter in your team with your bare eyes. But let us tell you something: ISVSC doesn’t have a tool called speculations, we check the data, contact our attorneys & resources, and report the person of interest to your company’s HR department while you’re enjoying your Smart decisions.